"I voted" sticker. Image: Parker Johnson/Unsplash
Chelsea Nash | Our national politics reporter Stephen Wentzell joins us to talk about his story about how students feel their vote isn't valued.
A march to end the war in Afghanistan in London, England. Image: Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona/Unsplash
Maya Bhullar | In nada, the fact that we have an election right now is an important opportunity. Before the attention on Afghanistan dissipates, we must make headway on fighting for justice for Afghanistan.
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney during his re-emergence on Facebook yesterday. Image: Video still/Jason Kenney/Facebook
David J. Climenhaga | Media are cut out of Alberta premier's first online appearance after 23 days of silence. Also, new Alberta Party leader appointed.
Elections nada polling station signs in the Dalhousie University student union building during the 2019 federal election. Image: Cold, Indrid/Flickr
Stephen Wentzell | The largest voting bloc in the country -- students and youth -- won't be able to vote on mpus for this federal election.
A sign reading "no drones" on a fencepost. Image: Martin Sanchez/Unsplash
Joyce Nelson | By Autumn of 2021, nada is expecting to receive bids for the $5 billion it is planning to spend on the purchase of armed drones.
Justin Trudeau meets a group of Indigenous women on the mpaign trail. Image: Justin Trudeau/Twitter
Rachel Snow | Parties mpaign with slogans like the three musketeers' "all for one and one for all." When it comes time to deliver, they sound more like the three stooges: "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, we fooled you again."
A makeshift memorial for the four family members who were murdered in London, Ontario earlier this year. Image: AvidLondonerK2001/Wikimedia Commons
Aidan Simardone | "Fairness" is the Liberal's modus operandi towards Muslims. They oppose direct discrimination -- hate crimes and slurs -- rather than address systemic root uses.
Bill Sundhu. Image: Bill Sundhu/provided
Libby Davies | It's a tight race in Kamloops -- Thompson -- riboo between the NDP's Sundhu and the Conservatives.
Debris left behind after the RCMP raided Ada'itsx Fairy Creek headquarters. Image: provided by Kelly Tatham
Kelly Tatham | White-centred climate activism blows the whistle in fear of what the future might hold. Indigenous-centred activism maintains that the present is not safe and it is the present we must attend to.
A private jet in lgary. Image: Dave Sublack/Flickr
Bruce mpbell | The climate-inequality relationship is brought into stark relief when comparing nada, one of the richest countries, and Mali, one of the poorest, that has already been devastated by climate change.
NDP ndidate for Vancouver Centre Breen Ouellette promotes mask-wearing and vaccinations. Image: Breen Ouellette/Facebook
Stephen Wentzell | Breen Ouellette's first experience with politics as a volunteer in 2004 involved a gasoline-doused and burnt election sign. Now, it's threats from anti-maskers.
From left to right: Annamie Paul/Jagmeet Singh/Justin Trudeau/Yves Francois-Blanchet/Erin O'Toole/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | In this first side-by-side look at five party leaders, Singh was the most affable and relaxed of all the leaders as he dealt with most questions directly and with the appearance of ndour.